Fighting Is Alive & Well In LAX….ANNNNDDD…We Have A Goalie Brawl, Bro!

Tired of the pussification of hockey? You might want to check out the National Lacrosse League where they’re still allowed to drop the gloves and fight like real men, not like these hockey guys who are swinging at cages covering an opponents face. LAX bros seem like they actually want to fight, not just spin in circles so hockey fan can act like he got his $200 worth at the game.

There are 9 teams in the NLL — 5 in U.S. and 4 in Canada — who play 18 games. The schedule ends in late April so if you’re getting tired of hockey bros just skating around a rink snapping unabated shots at some poor goalie, give the NLL a shot. You might see a goalie fight and your kids will grow up with a little violence in their sports. I grew up with very violent ECHL hockey where guys were racking up 400+ PIM and I turned out alright.

As for this game, it was the home opener for the defending NLL champion Saskatchewan Rush (in green). 12,000+ showed up for opening night and went home with a 9-6 victory.

You think the fans like it? Take a listen

Look at these brooos. How can you not like paying $30 to go see these guys kick some ass?