Sheldon Richardson Before Getting Blown Out: “Where the Hoes At?”


Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson is catching some flak today after a pregame Snapchat showed he was a little distracted before “Thursday Night Football” on Saturday night.

As you can see below, Sheldon, who apparently wanted to be anywhere but MetLife, took to Snap with one question: “Where the hoes at? F this game.”

Head coach Todd Bowles seems to be just a little pissed off about it (via ESPN):

“We’ll take care of it here,” he said. “That’s not something we condone or we encourage. That’s unacceptable.”

Asked if he was “disturbed” that a player would behave that way before a game, Bowles replied, “It was disturbing that it was said at all.”

It’s worth noting Bowles also stated that he had no issues with Richardson’s effort during the game… so is this really a big deal? Can we really fault someone for not being excited about the Bryce Petty-Matt Moore showdown?