Marshawn Lynch With The Vegas Showgirls, Jets Fans Who Bought Tickets In July & Emily Ratajkowski Shoveling Snow

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That UNC-Kentucky game last night has me hyped for March

What a game that was last night. I don’t remember ever watching a regular season college basketball game like that. Malik Monk goes for 47 which is unheard of on a Calipari team and just all around a slugfest between to big blue power houses. That’s why these showcases and tournaments are great. You get to see big time programs play each other that are out of conference. Yes, we’re going to fall into that January and February lull like we do every college basketball season, but man did that game get me excited for March Madness.

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Last 10 years: SEC 55-38 Against The Spread in bowl games (best of any
conference) – via @BradPowers7

— RJ Bell (@RJinVegas) December 17, 2016