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I had no idea Phil Simms drives an 11-year old Escalade

You learn something new every single day and I’ve already learned something new this morning. Page Six reports that Simms drives a 2005 Escalade and he doesn’t care what you think of that ride. Phil said, “Before these players go broke I always tell them if you get $1,000, live like you only make $20. Look, I drive a 2005 Escalade and I will drive that thing until the wheels fall off . . . people may laugh at me but I don’t care. I spend money on travel and my home.” YES! YES! YES! I drive a 2002 Civic that I call my golf cart. People definitely laugh at me, but I only drive like 20 miles per week and that thing has been paid off for like 10 years. Why would I want a car payment for some car to sit in the garage and devalue? Thank you Phil for speaking out for all of us who are frugal with our rides.

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