Good News — We Now Have An Official Shoe For The Beer Mile


Here’s some good news for all the people who actually workout and exercise, but still like to throw down a few beers — we now have a custom shoe designed specifically for the beer mile.

For those who don’t know what the beer mile is, all you have to do is drink a regular 12oz beer every 1/4th mile or one lap on your standard track. Over the years, people keep trying to one up the record which right now is at a cool 4 minutes 34 seconds. Luckily for all the psychos all there who are going to try and break that, you’ll have a specifically designed shoe to do it in, created by Brooks.

In advance of the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships on Dec. 17 in Austin, Texas, Brooks has created a 6.4-oz. customized version of its Hyperion racing flat for professional beer miler Lewis Kent. Yes, that’s right, Kent is a professional beer miler. The former beer mile world-record holder with a PR of 4:47.17, garnered a sponsorship from Brooks in 2015 when the brand realized how much positive attention he was getting.

The shoe features a red and white color motif and showcases a red maple leaf on the heel to represent Lewis’ Canadian roots. “Beer Mile” is also inscribed on the tongue and other fun, beer references are used throughout the shoe, including the words “Run Hoppy” on the left shoe and “Live Lager” on the right and sockliners that read “Beer” and “Mile.”

The outsole compound is also formulated for premium wet-dry traction and skid resistance, which Brooks says is “perfect for the beer transition zone where spilled beverages can create hazards.” Furthermore, the brand said in a playful but serious press release on Dec. 14 that the shoe’s perforated stretch-woven upper “not only provides a sock-like fit but also vents and drains in the event of beer spillage.” The shoe will not be sold commercially, but the standard version of the Hyperion retails for $130.

No, this is not a sponsored post. I’m just fascinated by these people. First, people who run for fun are crazy to me. Second, people who run while pounding beers are even crazier. And third, people who design shoes specifically for those reasons are full blown nut jobs, but I think I love them.

Keep doing you, Beer Milers.


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