The People Of Bills Mafia Are Enjoying The Football Weather In Buffalo


Football weather is all over the place up north on this fine NFL Sunday, but no place is better for a snow game than Buffalo. We know how wild they get when it’s still September and hot, but when we mix in a little snow it’s no holds barred for these psychos.

I’ve scoured Instagram and Twitter this morning for the people Bills Mafia enjoying the snow tailgate and I’ve found some gems so far. First and foremost, this amazing Bills logo made of of Bud Light cans.


Shots out of a bowling ball. A tailgating classic.

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When in Buffalo. 💁🏼‍♂️

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Of course Pinto Ron got his weekly mustard and ketchup bath with just a t-shirt on. Weather just doesn’t affect these people.

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Oh, okay, Buffalo. 😐

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Here’s some bonus material from Steelers fans. Getting in the Mafia spirit.


Be ready, we’ll have plenty more to come this afternoon.