Pacman Shoves Terrelle Pryor In A Body Bag Via IG Video – Again

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Pacman Jones has been body bagging Terrelle Pryor over the last few days and put the finishing touches on his beef today when he dropped one final IG to let everyone know what he thinks of the Browns wide receiver.
Pac had this to say to the reporters in the locker room after the Bengals 23-10 victory, which makes the Browns 0-13 and on the fast-track to 0-16 or 1-15 at best.

“I have the utmost respect for (Browns head coach) Hue (Jackson), but certain (expletive) I don’t tolerate from young punks, really, basically. A (expletive) suburb kid that wants to act like he’s the toughest thing in the world, because he done caught a couple of balls.
“He’s just arrogant. You could see it with his teammates. Did you all not see him, when he was pushing and cussing at RGIII on the field? So I pay attention to everything. I told RGIII how the (expletive) you going to throw him the ball when he’s talking to you like that. You’re the (expletive) quarterback.
“It’s just little things.

Pryor has 62 receptions for 855 yards and 4 touchdowns this year; he also has one rushing TD. Here’s Pac looking for TP in a trash can.

A week ago it was a Janoris Jenkins-Terrelle Pryor war of words that had the football community on the edge of its seat. Is it odd that we have a couple of corners who haven’t been in the news for beefing with wide receivers who have gone after TP? Is there something we don’t know here? Something seems off.


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