Boxing Fans Brawl at Anthony Joshua-Eric Molina Fight

Anthony Joshua fan fight

There’s never a shortage of fireworks when Anthony Joshua takes the ring.

The British boxing star ran his knockout streak up to 18 in a row Saturday night after destroying Eric Molina. As per usual with Joshua’s fights, it only took him a couple of rounds (in this case, three) to put away his foe.

And if that wasn’t enough for bloodthirsty fans, there was also this sizable melee that broke out before the Joshua-Molina main event. The fact that Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” overlays drunk dudes whaling away on each other only adds to the entertainment value:

In case you needed some context, The Manchester Evening News spoke with the man who filmed the fight:

Adam said: “After they announced the split decision in Whyte’s favour someone stood up in front of us. Someone else was not happy with him standing up and a beer was thrown.

“We went to the toilet and there were people arguing then it just all kicked off. It was all over a beer being thrown.

“I do not think that a lot of people there were boxing fans. I saw one man involved with blood all over his face.”

Expectedly, it was just another case of senseless violence at a sporting event.