Check Out Army And Navy's Custom Uniforms Before Kickoff Today

Army-Navy kicks off today at 3pm on CBS and, rightfully so, it’s the only FBS game that’ll be played today. I always love how they reserve this last weekend before bowl season kicks off solely for this game. Navy’s won 14 in row, but that doesn’t mean I’m all in every year for the rivalry.
I figured before the game kicks off later this afternoon, I’d put up this post showing you the custom uniforms they’ll be wearing. This isn’t just because they’re some sweet jerseys (which they are), but more because they actually have some meaning behind them. They aren’t just switching it up for the hell of it, they’re actually using this game to honor people who came before them.
Navy is going with the classic Roger Staubach uni’s with “Beat Army” on the gloves and 14 stars on the helmet that represent their winning streak.

Then you have Army, who’s jersey’s pay tribute to theย 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers from WWII.

They also posted this video that goes deeper into the meaning behind the uniforms.

So there you go, some awesome jerseys for an awesome game. No matter what side you’re on today, we all still play for the same team.

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