Wayne Gretzky Doesn’t Seem Impressed With Dustin Johnson’s Big Year

Dustin Johnson finally got everyone off his back this year after winning the U.S. Open in Oakmont — the first major of his career. He added wins in two other tournaments (Bridgestone, BMW Championship) plus American triumph at the Ryder Cup to cap off a season most players on tour dream of.
But all of that apparently isn’t good enough for his future father-in-law, Wayne Gretzky, who told Golf Magazine Dustin should aim for two majors in 2017:

“If I scored 50 goals in a season, I wanted 70 the next year. If I got 70, I wanted 90. Never, ever settle,” Gretzky said. “Dustin just won three tournaments and a major. That’s a great year. Now go win five tournaments and two majors. I want him to see that only he can put limits on himself.”

Should Dustin need inspiration for tour domination, Wayne also thinks he should look to… TIGER WOODS!

“I’ve told Dustin he has to be more like Tiger,” Gretzky said. “I don’t mean he has to be Tiger — you only get a few athletes like that a century. But part of what made Tiger Tiger was relentlessness.”

Or, you know, Dustin, 2016 PGA Tour Player of the Year, can just keep doing him and not try to emulate someone who’s been trying to rediscover his game for years.


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