NY Strippers Are Sick Of Ryan Fitzpatrick, Want Santa To Bring Them Romo?


No joke, I was just thinking this morning that it’s been too long since we heard from our NY stripper friends at Rick’s Cabaret or Hoops Cabaret, next door to the legendary Rick’s. I go to lunch, grab a turkey wrap and a lime LaCroix, eat, get home and go through the inbox and there it is! The NY strippers are checking in with me.

Just had a hunch after last night’s embarrassing blowout loss where the Jets quit and had no problem getting blown out like a bad Big 12 team.

Yep, the strippers have had enough. From the Hoops Cabaret PR team:

Hoops Cabaret and Sports Bar, the new three-story club in midtown Manhattan that combines the fun of a sports bar with the excitement of a gentlemen’s club, was packed with NY Jets fans on Monday night to watch the Jets play the Colts. The game was a disaster for the Jets, losing 41-10.
“We’ve had enough of Fitzpatrick,” explained Hoops Cabaret girl Bianca, who was dressed in a sexy Christmas outfit. “We need a new QB, and everyone agrees with me.”
“I’m asking Santa to bring the Jets a new quarterback,” she proclaimed.
Hoops Cabaret girl Malena added, “and maybe a new coach!”
“Fitzpatrick may be a nice guy, but his days with the Jets are over. He’s got a 12 million dollar salary for what? He belongs in the KMA club—Kiss My ass!”

There’s no clear-cut top QB target in the draft so that means Tony Romo to the Jets, right? You throw him out there, let him get beat up and really target a QB in 2018. I’m waiting for the Hoops girls to boycott the Jets and ban them from the Cabaret TVs. Don’t laugh, it happened at Rick’s a couple years ago when the club banned Giants games from the televisions.

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