Gainesville Bar Is Giving Away Free Shots For Every Time Florida Scores On Alabama

Florida might not have a very good shot at beating Alabama today in the SEC Championship, but at least their fans might get some free booze today. Or maybe not. 101 Cantina in Gainesville is giving away free shots to everyone every time the Gators put points on the board. One problem here: Bama’s D is only giving up 11 points per game and didn’t give up an offensive TD all last month. So good luck with that.
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We’ve seen specials like this before. Back in September I wrote about the UCF bar giving away free beer until they won a game. They gave away over 15,000 beers in 2015 because UCF went 0-12.
This one is a little different. 101 Cantina is setting themselves up nice. Chances are not many free shots are going to be poured today if game goes how people think it’ll go. Here’s the owner of the bar’s explanation.

Although some fans chuckled at the notion that the Gators would score often against the Crimson Tide — which means fewer shots for patrons — Erik Zika, a co-owner of Cantina, said the promotion is a way to celebrate UF’s football season.
“To us, it’s not about the money,” he said. “It’s to have a good party and to have a good time.”
With Saturday marking the last game of UF’s regular season, Zika said the event will be a way for students and residents to send the team off with a bang.
“It’s the last time we get to see our Gators play this year, other than the bowl game, of course,” he said. “I’m cautiously optimistic.”

Maybe Florida can score some points and everybody will get hammered. If not, this is still some good free publicity. You’re welcome.

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Meet Tara From Florida State
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