Scumbag Dolphins Brawlers Banned From Hard Rock Stadium



It looks like that 49ers-Dolphins throwdown will forever go down as a classic. Rarely do we provide post-fight updates, but this stadium melee has made so many waves that the content just keeps rolling in.

Just a day after CBS Miami interviewed the man who filmed the fight, The Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins fans who instigated the fight have been identified and hit with the harshest of punishments: revoked season tickets and a stadium ban.

The statement from the Dolphins:

“We conducted an immediate internal review of the situation and have identified the season ticket members who were involved in the incident,” the team said in a written statement. “ …. We work hard to remind fans that we want this to be a safe environment and this type of behavior and conduct is not acceptable.”

Nothing like getting exiled from your favorite team’s stadium after a game they won.

“Jack,” the fan who grabbed footage of the incident, mentioned in his CBS interview that the now-banned Phins fans told the 49ers fans to go to another country with their “Muslim quarterback.” We’ll have to keep an eye on those road 49ers games down the stretch.

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