Jordan Clarkson Tries to Pass Off His Kilt as Swag



One of the big early-season NBA storylines is how the “Lakers are fun again.” You know, Kobe and Byron Scott aren’t around to destroy team chemistry and suddenly those baby Lakers are breaking huddles yelling, “I love basketball!” So cute. It’s almost like that D’Angelo Russell-Nick Young incident never happened.

Another under-the-radar storyline with these new Lakers is that half of the roster features budding fashionistas. These young bucks may want to win, but they also really want to be the next Russell Westbrook — just check out Jordan Clarkson busting out a kilt after beating the Hawks:

Ah yes, nothing like “high fashion” when you have an unlimited wallet to work with.

Lakers fans obviously don’t give a damn what these guys wear (hell their ritzy, late-arriving fanbase probably loves it) as long as they keep producing, but their horrid Reddit Streetwear-inspired looks are just additional fuel for the haters out there.

Homeless chic:

Those pants tight enough?

GQ shoot after going 17-65? Why not!

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