Michigan Fan Flips Out, Blames Jim Harbaugh For Loss To Ohio State




Well here’s a new angle from a Michigan fan that I haven’t heard yet over the last 18 hours or so. The majority of the complaints coming from Michigan fans after yesterday’s loss has been all about the refs. The refs botched the spot on that 4th down, the refs weren’t evenly calling those pass interference penalties, the refs shouldn’t have flagged Harbaugh for throwing his hat, blah blah blah.

This AC DC shirt wearing Michigan fan ( by the way, upset of the century that this guy watches football) might be the only one in America who isn’t blaming the refs. He’s turned on the Michigan savior himself, Jim Harbaugh.

He goes through a wide range of emotions over the 6 minutes in this video, but it ultimately comes down to him putting all of the blame on Harbaugh. Mostly for being a whiny cry baby on the sidelines who can’t control his emotions enough to avoid getting a penalty.

I think this guy is all alone on that front, but that’s the hill he chooses to die on. He even went as far as ripping up his “Ohio State Sucks” tee shirt.


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