Bills Fans Are Back To Smashing Tables



The Bills haven’t had a home game in a long time. 4 weeks to be exact. Not since October 30th have we been able to witness the debauchery that is #BillsMafia. It’s been a sad month for the corner of the internet like us that loves to see these people get hammered and smash tables.

Well, we’re finally back. The first Bills home game in all of November is today and Bills fans are back like they never left.

Jim Kelly unfazed after going through a table:

Off the rent-a-van!

And for those who might be sick of watching people go through tables (I don’t know why you would be), here’s a video of some Bills Mafia folk “roasting a turkey”.

Roasted that turkey #billsmafia @barstoolsports @barstoolbigcat @barstool

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So good to have them back.

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