Ric Flair’s Been Kicked In The Head Too Many Times

Ric's memory during the 21st century is a little fuzzy pic.twitter.com/7H2dKLCfoD

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) November 25, 2016

Ric can’t possibly be serious with this hype video he made for Michigan ahead of its trip to Cbus, a place the Wolverines haven’t won since 2000. I get it that Ric needs money and will make it any way possible like being bought by Harbaugh. I get it. Gotta relate to the young kids, but the scoreboard tells us all we need to know about this rivalry over the last 15 years.

C’mon Ric, you can’t be serious here.


Here’s Ric in 2000. WCW was still alive and he was still working in the WCW. Mean Gene was working in the WCW in those days. Ric was 51 the last time Michigan won at Ohio State. Shall I go on?