Enraged Cowboys Fan Robert Pretty Much Ready To Fight Family During Thanksgiving Festivities

I love Enraged Robert, the Cowboys fan who went TF off at his family Thanksgiving party over someone in the family dogging on Dez Bryant during the Redskins game. This is exactly why the NFL & BC NEED the Cowboys in the Super Bowl. We NEED the passion. We NEED the eventual fights that are going to happen. We need Enraged Robert making headlines. It’s great for social media because people will click the shit out of Cowboys links because they love the Boys or wish bad things to the Cowboys team plane.

Now, let’s dig into Enraged Robert’s rant:

• Multiple f-bombs

• Kids everywhere

• Kids with styrofoam plates

• Enraged Robert so enraged that he’s sweating

• Little girl at the end of Part 1: “Where’s the turkey?”

Part Two of Enraged Robert…tilt your neck