The Tubgaters Celebrated Thanksgiving With A Good Soak Before The Lions Game



Those of you who’ve been around for years remember our old friends the ‘Tubgaters’ at Detroit Lions tailgates. They have the hot tub built into a trailer that they take to Lions games and get in a good soak while the jealousy rages from those who walk by wishing they could get in for some jets on the sore spots.

I wrote about the Tubgaters way back in 2013 and found that one of the loyal ladies in the tub is a chick who has dabbled in porn. In other words, that should tell you that the Tubgaters know how to party.

Of course they’re going to have the tub at the Lions tailgate on Thanksgiving.

Now that the Lions are leading the North, I guess you’ll be seeing much more of the Tubgaters. I’m sure they’ll get huge again and the national media will come calling.

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