Gronk – NHL Owner, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Newest Girlfriend & Florida Man Runs Over Himself Outside Strip Club


daily dump

Division leaders in the first game, then the heated Redskins-Cowboys game and then wash it all down with Steelers-Colts. Now that’s a day of football and means I don’t really need to watch much football on Sunday. You also get LSU-A&M tonight. A ton of college basketball. You get a Great Alaska Shootout game at midnight! It’s a huge day for sports. Eat it up.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s new girlfriend

Celebrities In Jail — their Thanksgiving menu

Gronk now owns part of NHL franchise!

Ohio State modified its tackling dummies for the week

Rickie Fowler just sold this place for $2.85 million

Florida Man gets drunk at strip club, runs over himself in parking lot & there’s video

Seattle TV station tweets #HillaryForPrison

Meet Kylie from Arizona State

Thanksgiving Day Shootout Gif Jif Of The Year

Turkey Sandwich of the Day

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