Steve Francis Mugshot


Just when you think Steve Francis was quietly going about life, we get a Steve Francis mugshot out of HoustonĀ for DUI, but there’s more trouble waiting for Franchise out in Florida. Francis, it turns out, was wanted for burglary and seems to be set to have a busy 2017 dealing with the court system.

According to KTRK:

As for the allegation that Francis made what some say are threatening comments to police, here is what his attorney said about that: “People sometimes, when they are under arrest, they will say some things that they probably shouldn’t say, but I don’t know if he said anything here or whatever, but I know he, there was never any struggle, he never hit a police officer, there was nothing physically involved, whether they had some words at the scene apparently that is what the charge is, but I don’t know.”

Francis actually has three charges, the DWI, the retaliation charge and the burglary charge out of Florida.

He is posting bond for all three, then will head to Florida to deal with the case there before coming back to Harris County to face the charges against him here. He has 30 days to surrender to Florida police.

Franchise’s attorney is Rusty Hardin. That name might ring a bell. He was Roger Clemens’ lawyer during his PED trial.

TMZ reports, via the police report, that Stevie had some weed on him during the arrest and a $1 million necklace.

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