Miesha Tate Looking Happier After UFC 205 Retirement


Of course that old timer hiked Diamond Head four times this week wearing what appear to be black Walmart New Balances while Miesha Tate was hiking Diamond Head. The guy’s head is about to explode thinking about the lucky time when he hiked Diamond Head four times and Miesha Tate’s up on the mountain with her rack exploding from a sports bra.

OK, now for the real news here from Miesha Tate: She looks happy. She was definitely not happy with life after UFC 205 when she beaten by Raquel Pennington and it turned into a leave town match. Tate said after the match that her career was over after doing MMA for a decade.

Now she’s in Diamond Head this week looking recharged and finding an old timer who didn’t just quit after one hike around Diamond Head. The old timer knows you can’t just quit like she did during a post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. You have to keep going.


After the loss to Pennington:


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