Big Bartolo Colon Shows Off His Guns on a Scooter


Unless some major trades go down (Chris Sale, Chris Archer, Evan Longoria), it’s looking like this might be one of the most boring MLB offseasons ever. Sorry, Astros — trading for Brian McCann and signing Josh Reddick just doesn’t get me going.

But fortunately for everyone, the face of baseball, Bartolo Colon, has taken it upon himself to carry the burden this fall by putting on a gunshow in a LeBron James jersey. Oh, and if Big Bart showing off the pythons isn’t enough for you, he’s also on a scooter (flexing Jordans) in front of flashy cars:

Bart, of course, has already cashed in this offseason, signing a $12.5 million deal with the Braves. We look forward to watching him baffle hitters with his lone pitch (a fastball) again next season.