Dickie V Runs Into Enigma Known As Bobby Bonilla Outside Sarasota Mall



How rare is it to see the 14th highest paid Mets player (2016 roster) — Bobby Bonilla — in the wild? Extremely rare. I’ve been doing this job nearly 9 years and I can count Bonilla BC appearances on one hand. Trust me, if Bobby Bonilla was spotted in the wild, we’re posting the guy. He’s still incredibly intriguing to BC readers up and down the East Coast who still enjoy a Bobby Bo blog post.

Soooooo…tonight Dickie V. was eating dinner at a Sarasota mall, according to his IG, and ran into Bobby Bo and family while on the way out. Again, that’s what I can tell from the IG timeline. Just a couple of legends running into each other during Thanksgiving Week. Bobby Bo featuring the knee brace and wide New Balances.

This is also a good time to remind you that Bobby Bonilla gets paid $1,193,248.20 each summer by the Mets as part of a deferred contract agreement. He’ll get payments through 2035. That’ll forever be the greatest lottery hit of all time.

This guy doesn’t come out of hiding very often. This is a big deal.

Bobby knows how to keep Dickie V. happy…mention a Dookie

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