I Think The Mannequin Challenge Just Now Made Its Way To Kansas City



The Mannequin Challenge has been real hot in the streets this month. I mean EVERYBODY has done one of these videos and it even made “Black Beatles” the #1 song in America. It’s just one of those internet trends that got really popular really fast and I think finally it’s dying down a little bit.

But apparently in Kansas City it’s still the thing to do. When I was going through all of the tailgates this morning, the one thing I noticed for the first time in a couple of weeks was no tailgate did the Mannequin Challenge. That would be except for Kansas City. I don’t know if they have slower internet than the rest of America, but you would think that they invented the challenge with how many did it today.

First Chiefs game #mannequinchallenge

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Also, shoutout to the Dick family. I bet they’re up on all the internet trends.

[extremely Princess Bride priest voice] Mawwiage pic.twitter.com/1qStrI5kLV

— Mike Tunison (@xmasape) November 20, 2016

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