I Think The Mannequin Challenge Just Now Made Its Way To Kansas City


The Mannequin Challenge has been real hot in the streets this month. I mean EVERYBODY has done one of these videos and it even made “Black Beatles” the #1 song in America. It’s just one of those internet trends that got really popular really fast and I think finally it’s dying down a little bit.

But apparently in Kansas City it’s still the thing to do. When I was going through all of the tailgates this morning, the one thing I noticed for the first time in a couple of weeks was no tailgate did the Mannequin Challenge. That would be except for Kansas City. I don’t know if they have slower internet than the rest of America, but you would think that they invented the challenge with how many did it today.


Also, shoutout to the Dick family. I bet they’re up on all the internet trends.

[extremely Princess Bride priest voice] Mawwiage pic.twitter.com/1qStrI5kLV

— Mike Tunison (@xmasape) November 20, 2016