West Virginia Fans Are Pissed College GameDay Didn't Come To Morgantown

When you looked at the slate of games for today you see that #9 Oklahoma is playing at #14 West Virginia tonight for what is essentially the Big 12 title game. It’s a huge game that will probably have some sort of playoff implications and when there’s a game like that, you usually see the College GameDay crew there that morning.
But that didn’t happen, they decided to go to Western Michigan instead, which turned out to probably be the right choice because their sign game was fire flames this morning. But that didn’t stop the WVU fans from complaining. We even had a few invade the GameDay set with some signs.

Don’t get me wrong, West Virginia is a madhouse and I’m sure those fans would’ve been WILD. But sometimes you have to go a little obscure and I think it’s cool they went to Kalamazoo.
But the Mountaineer fans took to Twitter to voice their complaints.


Chad Kelly Rolling A Blunt?
Chad Kelly Rolling A Blunt?
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