55 Year Old Joe Thomas Has A 3 Yard Carry, Becomes Oldest Man To Play D-I Football



I’m sure you saw the story of Joe Thomas all over the internet yesterday after he was cleared to play college football at age 55. I didn’t want to blog it because I wanted to see if he actually got on the field and did something. Anyone can be a 55 year old and stand on the sidelines. Let’s see you go out there and get popped a few times.

Well, he did it. Today he became the oldest guy to carry the football on a college football field. Let me say this again: he’s 55 years old. That’s VERY old in football years and he got himself a tough 3 yards.

If he doesn’t get a goal line carry by the end of the season, the South Carolina State coach should be fired. Let’s get this old ass dude a TD.

For those who want the whole story on him, I’ll direct you to Sports Illustrated, who did a great piece on him. 

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