Listen To Ric Flair’s Insane Story Of Getting Struck By Lightning


Ric Flair has been making a mini comeback as of late. Everything he says or does lately has been going viral, from talking about banging Halle Berry to running for president with Waka Flocka. He’s been killing it.

His run continued yesterday when he went on Dan LeBatard’s radio show and told an insane story of how he got struck by lightning and how a guy died from his unbrella. Is it true? Who knows? I’m sure that guy’s brain is mashed potatoes right now, so he could be lying. But I’ll be damned if he can’t tell a good story.

I was getting off a plane in Richmond, Virginia. They didn’t have the jetways back then, back in the late 70s, and I was late for a match. I was World Champion then, I was wrestling [Ricky] Steamboat at the Richmond Coliseum. Finally… they let us all get off the plane. I got off, I was walking, and I didn’t go 10, maybe 15 feet and all of a sudden I felt this pressure boom, and man, my umbrella shot 50 feet in the air. I thought, ‘What the hell?’ Lightning hit the top of my umbrella, bounced off and hit the guy in the eye five feet behind me and killed him. Right there. I just stood there looking at the guy and froze, it scared me to death. People were running out the door to get the guy.

I really hope it’s true. You can listen here:

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