Multiple Sports Figures Have Real Odds To Win The 2020 Presidential Election


Election season is over and Donald Trump is our President-elect. It’s been over a week for that statement to digest and now it’s time to stop whining and realize it’s real. They next four years may completely suck ass or they may not, who knows, but we have to deal with it. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t go ahead and look at some candidates for 2020.

Yesterday, Bovada released the first odds for the 2020 election and you have your typical people on there that you’d expect. Trump, Michelle Obama, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, the usuals. But also there’s some sports figures with odds that you might not expect. Let’s take a look:

Mark Cuban


100/1 for the Cubes. Of all the sports people on this list, he would be the most likely to actually win. A real business guy that knows politics and how to run shit. If I had to vote for any of these four it would be him.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Hell yes. The most badass, likable, and hardest working movie star on the planet right now and yes, I consider him a sports figure as well. Also 100/1. The Rock would be an AWESOME President and also the most jacked leader on the planet. Nobody is effing with us with The Rock in the Oval Office. He’d be up at 4am making diplomatic calls all while throwing weights around the gym.

Vince McMahon


Vince could be Trump 2.0 if he wanted to. He could rock the mic all election season and get people riled up just like the Donald did. He strut out onside with that power walk and the crowd would go nuts. I’m surprised he’s at 500/1. I figured he’d have better odds. Maybe it’s because of that WWE stock disaster back in 2014. 

Tom Brady


The most surprising of all the sports figures with 2020 Presidential odds is most definitely Tom Brady. Not because I don’t think he could run the country, but more because I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s still playing 2020. He’s 39 right now and still the best QB in the league. Playing 4 years from now is definitely in the realm of possibilities for Tommy. Also, 100/1 is too low because there’s a zero percent chance Gisele let’s him run.

Here’s the complete list of 2020 Presidential odds

Some doozies on here.


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