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Michigan lost and didn’t move a single spot in the college football playoff
And if you would’ve asked Michigan fan what he thought of Iowa before Saturday’s game, Michigan Man would’ve said that Iowa was trash (21.5 pt underdogs) and that the Michigan Men were going to beat the shit out of the Hawkeyes. That’s understandable. You’re Michigan, you’re back and Iowa has a home loss to North Dakota State on its record. Then Michigan loses and the CFB Playoff committee goes into a room to rank the teams. You’d think that Michigan would be penalized for that loss. Nope, not a single spot. I know, I know…now you have a quarterfinal game on November 26 against Ohio State. Maybe the committee is just trolling us by leaving Michigan at 3 knowing one of the teams will be eliminated. As for ‘None Of This Matters Right Now’ Guy, hell yes it matters. This shit is how I pay my bills. I need Michigan dropped to like 8th and then watch Michigan Man lose his mind. The weather’s changing, the football’s heating up and we can finally get emotional over pigskin. I like it.
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