Man Goes All Out and Proposes to Girlfriend at Lakers D-League Game


BC and “Cool Twitter” don’t agree on much, but if there’s one thing we have common ground on, it’s that proposals at stadiums are the worst. It really doesn’t matter what sporting event it is — the concept is just uninspired.

And stadium proposals managed to hit a new low this weekend when a hopeless romantic decided to pop the question at a damn NBA D-League game. That’s’ right, some dude actually thought it would be a great idea to drag his girlfriend to halfcourt during the third quarter (not even halftime!) of an LA D-Fenders-Iowa Energy game.


The 50 people in attendance probably had their minds blown:

The @nbadleague, where love happens.

— South Bay Lakers (@SouthBayLakers) November 12, 2016

So we guess this is the fallback option when you can’t afford the Staples Center plan because the Lakers are somewhat exciting now.