There Were 6 Public Intoxication Arrests at the Michigan-Iowa Game

iowa arrests

Photo via Hawkeye Football/Instagram

Iowa football games have been pretty chill this season, with no arrests being made in nearly two months. But that came to an expected end on Saturday after the Hawkeyes stunned Michigan 14-13.

The university’s Department of Public Safety reported campus police made six public intoxication arrests — these are the highlights.

46-year-old Patricia Kopta got a little racist:

Patricia Kopta, 46, of Merrill, MI, was arrested at Kinnick Stadium at 1830 hours for Public Intoxication. She was found having an odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath, slurred speech, and refused to leave the stadium when asked to do so by a police officer. She subsequently called the police officer a racial epithet and was arrested. She had a .145 BAC.

Another chick thought she was at the Iowa State-Arizona game (didn’t exist):

Michelle Keys, 35, of Ankeny, IA was arrested at Kinnick Stadium at 1918 hours for Public Intoxication. She had slurred speech, spoke in incoherent sentences, and believed she was in Ames, IA at the Iowa State v. Arizona football game. She had a .225 BAC.

One dude went from giving a high five to getting arrested real quick:

Tyler Gross, 23, of Merrill, MI was arrested at Kinnick Stadium at 1800 hours for Public Intoxication. He approached a police officer to give him a high 5 and the officer saw he was obviously intoxicated. After the officer told him he needed to behave, he disagreed with the officer. The officer gave him another chance to leave the stadium, and he continued to argue with the officer. He had a .23 BAC.

[Iowa University Dep. of Public Safety]