Gisele Takes Her Trump Election Anger Out By Kickboxing


It’s been a rough week for your girl, Gisele Bundchen. On Monday, she took to her her Instagram comments to lay to rest all of the noise about her and Tom Brady supporting Donald Trump in the election. The only problem is that Tommy is the most transparent Trump supporter without actually acknowledging his support. He had the MAGA hat in his locker, he’s golfed with him for years, and never actually denied it.

So there’s very clearly a split household.

Then of course Donald Trump somehow won the election and half of America is losing their minds. Obviously Gisele isn’t out there protesting, but you know she’s not happy about the events taking place. There’s only one way to get that frustration out of you and that’s to go punch stuff.

So that’s exactly what she did. Hit the gym, put on some gloves, and kick the shit out of a pad.