ARod's A Liar – Again (UPDATE)

I couldn’t believe my eyes tonight when an ARod tweet showed up in my timeline and it was of a pic circulating on Friday. I drew plenty of arrows for those of you who don’t follow along very well.

Here’s how this goes:

• This Shawn (@ShawnWTVM9) guy sends out a tweet on Friday. I don’t know if this pic is even from Shawn’s iPhone or if he yanked it off Reddit, or if Reddit yanked it off someone’s Twitter account or if it’s some old Internet photo that’s been passed around for years.
• ARod, for some strange reason, claims two days later that he spotted this guy outside a Miami Home Depot.
• Was ARod hacked?
• Has ARod hired a social media team that’s now pumping out tweets to boost his social media numbers now that he had a great MLB postseason and seems to be in demand?
• Is ARod just kidding that he saw this today?
• Is ARod just a liar?

Arod’s also pushing this pic on IG:

And on Facebook:

Now comes this change of wording from ARod. Ahh, he saw the pic taken at a Home Depot. He’s on coke, right? Something?

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