Check Out Michigan Holder Garrett Moore’s Amazing 2016 Highlight Video


What does it take to be undefeated heading into week 12 as the #2 team in the country? Some may say a good coach who can recruit top talent to the program. Some may also say developing that talent into one cohesive unit that works together to achieve a common goal. All of these things are true, but people forget and consistently look over one of the most important positions on the field: the holder.

You see college kickers are the worst, we all know that. You just can’t trust ’em. Now imagine having a shitty holder to go with your shitty kicker? That would be an utter disaster. So I’m proud to give recognition (well, actually he did it himself) to one of the best holders in the country: Garrett Moore of Michigan.

This highlight tape of Garrett proves just how great he is. No fumbles, no bobbles, just clean catches and holds with a fire soundtrack behind it. I think it’s time we give these guys a little respect.

Let’s get him this award.


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