2016 ESPN GameDay Signs: USC At Washington

After a great week in the SEC with some awesome signs in Baton Rouge, the GameDay crew has made it’s way back to the Pac-12. You might remember 2 weeks ago when they visited that conference and the signs were a disgrace to College GameDay signs all over. Just an awful showing from the kids at Utah and on Halloween weekend, no less.
But I’m going to be optimistic here. Washington has a good team, #4 in the country to be exact. That means even though it’ll be 6am pacific time, I expect these kids to bring the thunder. It’s the only ranked matchup on the board and it’ll be primetime on the east coast. If Washington wants to prove to us they’re for real, it all starts this morning with their sign game. Let’s do this.
GameDay pick: USC +7.5 
Here are the best signs from College GameDay in Seatlle
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2016 ESPN GameDay Signs: Alabama At LSU
2016 ESPN GameDay Signs: Alabama At LSU
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