Dolphins Cheerleaders Do Mannequin Challenge, Lionel Messi’s Calf Sleeve Tat & Mark May Hate


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Browns(!) at Ravens. Look, even though they’re a winless & shitty team, there’s always some sort of drama during a Browns game. I can’t stand the franchise, fans, this history, etc. from that team, but I’ll watch the entire game for #content. You’ll also get Duke-North Carolina – in football. You’ll also get a doubleheader of NBA action on TNT. Feels like a good night to get back to sports.

Miami Dolphins cheerleaders do Mannequin Challenge

Hot choir teacher sex story of the year candidate

Mrs. Aaron Rodgers hits a red carpet

Todd McShay on how much Ohio State fans hate Mark May

Lionel Messi’s new calf sleeve tat

L.A. news truck has a new logo thanks to a tagger

This Florida Woman took a dump outside a Wendy’s next to truck she stole

Meet Ceara from UCLA

#MACtion Effort Play In A Loss Video of the Week

Taco of the Day

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