Porn Stars Make Election Proclamation, Shaq Steals Wheelchair & Harbaugh Is Everywhere


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Two #MACtion games? No? Of course you won’t be watching that. You’ll be over on Facebook arguing with guys you used to go to elementary school with. You’ll be arguing with your family. You’ll be arguing with faceless Twitter accounts. Should be fun. You also get Hawks-Cavs.

Alexis Ren will take your mind off the election

Porn stars make election proclamation

This Florida Man Shaquille O’Neal steals vets wheelchair

Aaron Murray’s brother, Josh, seems to be doing pretty good in the girlfriend dept.

Jim Harbaugh seems to be everywhere

205 degrees? This weather guy might be drunk

Weird NFL Injury of the Year

Meet Sydney from Ohio State

This Is So Good I Need To Post It Again Stone Cold-Trump Video of the Year

Sandwich of the Day

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