Pretty Sure Herschel Walker Virtual Boned Janet Gretzky At A Wedding Reception…BONUS…Wayne Dancing!



Dammit Janet. Wayne Gretzky’s wife, 55, has done it again and this time we have Herschel Walker about to take that Ferrari for a test drive at some high-profile wedding a few sports stars attended at some point this week. Watch the video. Herschel looks like he’s about to get some of that vanilla ice cream.

Now that I have you hooked in on this one…you have to watch the full video to see Wayne Gretzky dancing. Just ripping shit up. Tearing up the stage like he’s about to take some stupid trophy on DWTS. Fish outta the water. Watching Herschel about to slurp up his ice cream. Knows he has to do something. Pressure City.

Let’s go to the video. Dance your asses off!

Do it Wayne! DOOOOOO IT!


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