Dennis Schroder’s Hookah Lounge Bombs Health Inspection



Back in March, Hawks point guard Dennis Schroder pulled a Kevin Durant and opened his own restaurant called The DS17 Lounge. Venture over to its Yelp page (3.5 stars) and you’ll assume it’s an okay place to grab some grub and smoke hookah if that’s your thing.

But anyone in Atlanta thinking about hitting it up should probably think twice after an uninspiring health inspection. Some of the violations (h/t to the Atlanta Journal Constitution):

  • Failure to maintain possibly hazardous foods
  • Fruit fly activity in the kitchen
  • Failure to wash hands in kitchen
  • Trash and garbage bags behind back door

There’s at least 18 other violations we didn’t list, which isn’t great! But hey, at least it looks great if you judge it on Instagram pictures alone:

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