Giants Tailgate Does The Mannequin Challenge With Everyone Drinking A Beer

If you’re out of the loop on your internet trends, there’s a brand new one that has been sweeping the nation over the past week or so called the #MannequinChallenge. Basically all it is is you get a group of people to pose and stand still while someone records it. Most of the time it has music in the background.
Pretty random, right? Well, that’s the internet in 2016. Next week I’m sure there will be a new trend.
But while this one is still a thing, it’s made it’s way into the sports world. I saw college football teams doing it yesterday, NBA teams have done it, I’m sure NFL teams have or will do it, and today this Giants tailgate did it.
The best part: everyone is chugging a beer.

I think I still like people smashing tables instead.

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