Mick Foley’s Daughter, Noelle, Had A Decent Halloween



Mick Foley’s daughter has been featured a few times on here and it never fails that you guys go completely nuts over Noelle Foley. She could be eating a bowl of soup and you guys think it’s incredible. This time she’s just in her Halloween costume(s) from over the weekend. Ho-hum.

This makes up for what WWE fans can a complete disaster with the Foley reality show “Holy Foley” on the WWE Network. This show review was posted on Reddit:

I’m halfway through the second episode and at the risk of sounding like I’m exaggerating, which I most definitely am not, this may be the worst production I’ve ever seen make it to TV. It’s certainly the worst thing I’ve ever seen on the WWE Network.

Between the egregiously transparent storylines, atrocious acting by every single person on the show, and the insufferable Noelle Foley, I cannot believe this trash got green lit. The idea may have sounded good, but how did anyone in their right mind proceed with this show after seeing even an hour’s worth of footage and the horrendous acting that came along with it? I know it’s in the WWE Network but God damn is this offensive

Also, why must Noelle constantly do the baby talk? It’s neither cute nor funny nor something an aspiring wrestler should still be doing at 22 years old. Fuck, it’s not something anyone should be doing at 22 years old. Anytime I hear or see her talk anywhere, it’s with this half-assed kiddie voice and it makes me wanna puke. Foley’s two youngest kids are the most natural parts of the show.

The show is so bad that I’m actually offended that WWE thinks enough people will enjoy this and not see it for the rushed, contrived bullshit that it is. I sincerely hope they are wrong and this fails miserably. Unfortunately, I’m afraid it won’t and that is why I made this post.

So sad. Here I figured a reality show on WWE Network would win awards. The fans will always have Noelle’s IG account.

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