Jermichael Finley's Halloween Costume Threw Major Shade At Charlie Strong

I think we can all agree that Charlie Strong’s tenure at Texas has been a complete disaster and that most likely he’ll be fired sometime after the season is over. Whether you want to put all of the blame on him or not, those are just the facts. If you don’t win in Texas, you get canned.
Speaking of canned… Jermichael Finley, a former Texas player who retired last year from the NFL due to a bunch of injuries, has his opinion on the Charlie Strong situation and conveyed that through his Halloween costume.
That would be Charlie Strong in a trashcan.

When you have alumni turning on you and cracking jokes on the internet, you know it’s not looking good. I kind of feel bad for Charlie, though. I feel like he was set up to fail from the beginning. But I guess that’s just Texas for you.
And for those that can’t read the sign, here you go:

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