JJ Watt’s New Girlfriend, Flyers Fan Goes Nuts & Sixers Middle Finger Guy Speaks Out


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I suppose you’ll want to watch Game 3 of the World Series at a bar while surrounded by 50 guys dressed as Ken Bone for Halloween. What a weekend it’s going to be for those of you still in the Halloween costume party stage of life. Not me. This is a weekend where I’ll be comfortably sitting at home hoping you morons end up passed out and on my social media feeds. As for college football, that San Diego St.-Utah St. game should be decent. Look it up.

Meet JJ Watt’s new girlfriend

Pro wrestling face injury…don’t look at this…don’t click

Sounds like Philly fans are up to more antics…this time after Flyers game

Sixers Middle Finger Fan fires back, claims fat joke

This Florida Man points gun at sister for ruining ecstasy stash

Mom & Dad of the year right here…look at what they do for their kid for Halloween

Like arm tats and nose rings? Lisa Marie is for you

Meet Taylor from FSU

NBA Passing The Ball Vine of the Week

Chipotle Sauce Covered Tacos of the Day

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