Pittsburgh Sports Guy Richie Walsh Gets A Nap Live On Air

BC reader @umichpghguy was watching “Nightly Sports Call” last night on Pittsburgh’s CW — I know, they’ll throw a sports show on just about any channel these days — when he noticed host Richie Walsh taking a nap live on air. Richie is caught off guard when someone gets his attention to wake up and start taking his nightly sports calls.
Don’t blame the guy a bit. This time of the year is kicking my ass too. These baseball games go late. I put in a full day of work. There’s family time. Trips to daycare. Doctor visits. Then more games. Late games. Multiple games. Dinner to make. More work. More texts. Etc. Etc. Etc.
That’s why I’m now a Richie Walsh fan. The guy knows you have to squeeze in a nap when it’s there for the taking. Close the eyes for a second. Take the edge off. Been there. Stay strong, Rich.
*I watched a couple minutes of Richie’s call-in show and about fell asleep. Spice it up, Pittsburgh. Have a hot take.

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