ECU Students: We Didn’t Steal Pirate Statue, We Found PeeDee On The Ground, Took IG


There was drama on the East Carolina University campus this weekend when police found pirate mascot PeeDee had been ripped out of his boots in what looks like an attempt to steal the beloved six-foot or so statue and students around campus want answers, dammit.

A photo of three bros posing with PeeDee rocketed around campus social media accounts leaving some to believe that one of their own was responsible for such a dispicable act. The IGer, Casey Capehart (said to be a freshman), says he and fellow ECU bros aren’t responsible for the act, they just found PeeDee on the ground and thought they better get an IG.

The local media is now on the case. WNCT has sent in its i-Team.

On Saturday night, a group of unidentified students attempted to steal the PeeDee statue. Only his boots are left at the scene of the crime. Many students said they’re offended and disappointed someone would do that to the beloved statue.

ECU Police said they now have the rest of the statue in their custody, and are investigating what happened. Students across campus have taken to Twitter to find the culprits.

I’ve seen campuses rocked by scandal. ECU officially has its hands full with this one.


PeeDee in better times:




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