Watch This Brawl Outside Of Wrigley Field After The Cubs Won The Pennant

What a night last night was for Chicago. Cubs win the pennant for the first time in 71 years, people were singing “Go Cubs Go” over and over again in the streets of Wrigleyville with everyone drinking and having a grand ole time. Cubs fans earned last night after all those years of misery.
But it turns out not everyone was happy. This video came across the BC news wire early this morning with the location being at Wrigley Field. These people weren’t singing or celebrating, but instead starting this massive brawl in the streets. Who knows what caused it, but there’s definitely a couple of Cubs fans in there swinging on people clearly not in Cubs gear. Could they be White Sox fans bringing up their ’05 ring? We may never know, but it’s a a solid fight video.
“Hey Chicago whaddaya say….”

Cubs Fan Gets Into It With Section of Dodgers Fans
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