Vikings RB Jerick McKinnon Wears 'RIP Harambe' Cleats

Somehow, some way the Harambe jokes and memes have lived on this long. Remember, our beloved gorilla was murdered waaaaay back in May. The jokes made it’s way through the dog days of summer, then into the college football season with hundreds of GameDay and frat house signs, and now it’s in the NFL.
Jerick McKinnon, running back for the Vikings, has taken the torch and ran with it by busting out these custom ‘RIP Harambe’ cleats for this morning’s warmup.

He can’t wear them in the game because he would be fined by the No Fun League, but I think he’s been able to get his point across.
I hope the ghost of Harambe never dies. It’s one thing that has brought this country together in trying times.

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