Eli Manning Breaks Out the ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ Audible

If you thought creative audibles peaked in preseason with Blake Bortle’s “Kate Upton, New York!” call, think again.

During the second quarter of the Giants-Rams game you probably slept through, Eli Manning gave presidential candidate Donald Trump quite the nod with a frantic “Trump! Trump! Trump” line call:

In case you were wondering how successful that play was, it ended up being a one-yard run for Bobby Rainey. Still, we’re guessing Trump will be pumped to get some press during an NFL game.
For whatever reason, Eli’s not owning up to it (via USA Today):

“Trump? Trump? No, no Trump, no Trump calls,” Manning said in his post-game news conference. “We are using something very similar. But there is not a Trump, not an audible we are using. Nothing there, nothing there.”

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