South Carolina Students Ignore The Game, Make Giant Spirit Towel Rope Instead

South Carolina’s football team stinks, they’re playing UMass, the stadium is half full, and it’s a noon game. Let’s just say it’s not the most entertaining Saturday in Columbia today, but the Gamecock students are making the most of it and I respect that.
How, you might ask? Well, you know those spirit towels they give away for free at games? Yeah, the student section is spending their time tying a shitload of them together to create a massive rope across the bleachers.

When you paid for the 8 home game package as a student, you aren’t going to waste those tickets, so you have make the most of those three hours. That’s definitely not going to be watching the product on the field. A big ass towel chain weaving throughout the bleachers is MUCH more entertaining than a USC-UMass game.


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